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I have been writing for quite sometime about badminton, bookies, and people who use betting sites online to bet on badminton.

Badminton is a game played with a two people, both play with a racket and it’s kind of like tennis. You hit a ‘shuttlecock’ over a net to each other, hoping one misses. The shuttlecock is the equivalent to a tennis ball. They do not bounce.

Shuttlecocks are feathered with a rubber projectile in the middle of them. They’re feathered so that they fly through the air nicely and also glide with the projectile out front. The feathers cause the drag on the shuttlecock, therefore making it fly through the air smoothly, but they also fly very fast. They fly at a much faster speed then a ball would for example.

Singles is the most popular form of the game, although it can be played in large numbers for team games. Doubles is also played where there’s two players per team.

The game comes from british india, this is where the game was born, and unfortunately there were no cameras or phones back then to capture what the game must have been like. Must have been fascinating to watch with those rackets and shuttlecocks they had back then, not to mention the lack of shoes!

Denmark use to be the powerhouse Badminton country in the world but since then China has taken over. Even the summer olympics have taken over the badminton sports arena since 1992. Now when you go to the next olympics you’ll be able to watch some badminton!

At the highest levels of Badminton you’ll need some crazy endurance levels. It’s a very high pace game and you’ll need great leg strength otherwise you will find it hard to play for long durations of time.

Not only will you need good aerobic fitness but you’ll need great hand eye co-ordination with superb motor functions from your brain. With the shuttlecock moving at such a high speed you’ll need the best of both worlds, both mentally and physically. You need to be fit enough to get your body to the shuttlecock but also mentally strong enough to see where the shuttlecock is moving and to direct your arms where it needs to be hit.

Badminton is also a very popular sport to bet on. In the gambling sector Badminton has become a great to bet on because of the high amount of games it offers. Betting on Badminton is alot of fun because the games can be very close. If you’re able to bet live you’ll have alot of fun when it comes down to the crunch of the game. But betting on badminton won’t always be easy because the competition is so good. Many badminton bookies offer betting on the games fairly common, but you’ll have to ask your bookie whether or not they bet on badminton.

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